I’ll tell you a quick story about the skin care problems I had. You see, I’m just like you. I want my skin to look fresh, clear, soft, and overall “pretty”. Is that too much to ask for?

It’s not easy finding the right products, let me tell you. Oh Boy! I found it so frustrating running around on weekends from store to store trying to get the right cream or face wash that didn’t make me break out or dry out my skin. After a few days of use, I was at it again running around trying to find something better.

You know what I’m talking about. Felt like I was in a hamster wheel…

Now, I’m not made of money so I would go out and try not to spend too much money. Unfortunately, the saying is true, “You get what you pay for”.

The really expensive products are not the best either. I splurged a bit but still came up empty. Everything I tried either left my skin dry or made me break out even more.


One day I came across this post a woman from Spain had posted about a product she tried after multiple visits to dermatologists had failed. I mean, this lady was about to go on hormone therapy for her skin problems!

No joke!

Her solution? She found out a product called the Clarisonic. After roughly 3 weeks, her skin started to clear up and she had fewer break outs. What a relief she thought. Needless, to say she did not get the hormone therapy. She didn’t need to. She just needed a better and “more effective” way of cleaning her skin.

The Clarisonic is recommended by dermatologists, health spas, and skin care professionals. Some professional claim that it is more effective than manual cleaning, is 2 times more effective at removing oil and dirt, and 6 times more effective at removing mineral makeup deposits.

What People Are Saying

There is so much positive feedback with the Clarisonic systems; I decided to describe them by model number listed below. First off, you must know that Clarisonic has a full line of skin cleansing systems. You are sitting there, reading this and wondering “Is there a Clarisonic that fits my needs.” I am glad you asked because below I have a compilation of online reviews for the different cleansing systems and then you can choose for yourself.

The Clarisonic Pro

The Pro is Clarisonic’s travel friendly skin cleansing system. It is compact and comes with a protective traveling case making it easy to put into a purse or travel bag. This cleanser is a small, single speed unit that is ideal for those who just want to keep it simple. It comes with an international charger that can be used anywhere in the world.

This system is very highly rated by customers according to Clarisonic reviews for this product. People seem to appreciate the convenience knowing that it is waterproof and can be used in the shower. They are also thrilled with the overall results. I am seeing feedback like;

  • After a month of use, I can honestly state my skin is feeling like silk…
  • I saw a difference the first time I used it and am continuing to see improvement…
  • First few days and wow…my skin is SO SOFT!

The charger works wonderfully, and the unit runs for 24 minutes – or 24 cleanings – on one charge.

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 The Clarisonic Mia 2

clarisonic mia 2

This is a slightly enhanced version of the Mia. It has two (2) cleaning speeds for more versatility. The lower speed is very gentle and can be used more often by those with sensitive skin. There
two (2) speeds for a timed cleansing cycle of 60 seconds with three zones: forehead for 20 seconds, nose/chin for 20 seconds, and then each cheek for 10 seconds. It also has a pulsating timer to bring consistency to your skin care regimen. The timer alerts you as to when it is time to move from one area of the face to another. I am seeing feedback such as:

  • From the first use, my skin felt cleaner, fresher and tighter
  • After only 6 days of use, my face is so much softer

Clarisonic reviews are even more positive for the Mia 2 and it is seen and an upgrade to the first version.

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 The Clarisonic Aria


The Clarisonic Aria is a slightly more advanced system has three (3) speeds; low, medium, and high for customizable exfoliation. This is important because you can adjust the speeds based on the results you’re seeing. If you need a deeper cleanse, maybe go an area slower. If you just want maintenance because your skin is clear and smooth, maybe you’ll use the faster setting.

It also includes some new and useful features such as a battery life indicator and a convenient drying stand. This system also includes a USB charger so that it can be recharged from a PC or laptop. This is particularly convenient for travelers. People just like you are noticing their skin

  • looks better after only 3 days
  • looks shinier and healthier

The big difference between the Aria and the Mia is the added features. You may like the fact that it has a longer battery life and has a battery indicator. The consensus is that the Aria has a slight advantage over the Mia but both are effective.

 The Clarisonic Plus


The Plus is more than a facial skin cleanser. This system is designed for the entire body, and comes with a larger body brush head. While all Clarisonic cleaners come with a trial size gel cleanser, the Plus adds a trial size skin polish as well. It also comes with a universal charging stand, which the others do not.

Folks particularly like how much the Plus helps with ingrown hairs on the legs. The Clarisonic can be used prior to shaving your legs and it will greatly reduce or eliminate problems with ingrown hairs. This is particularly beneficial for people with curly hair. These are some of the reactions were are seeing from people who have purchased the Clarisonic Plus;

  • It will truly CLEAN your skin, and that is making a world of difference
  • Very gentle, and did not irritate my new, sensitive skin
  • The set comes with the sensitive head brush and the body brush
  • I like about that the set comes with 3 different cleansers travel sizes

If you’re looking for a cleansing system that includes a brush so you can also exfoliate the body then this unit is for you.

 The Clarisonic Pro


This is the professional model! It was initially designed for dermatologists, spa therapists, and cosmetic surgeons. The Clarisonic Pro is the Cadillac of the Clarisonic skin cleansing systems. It has four speeds, comes with four trial size bottles of cleanser for you to test out, and has a body brush. The body brush is for those problems areas such as elbows and feet.

Ok so what does that mean? Well, the Clarisonic Pro has more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. People absolutely love the Clarisonic Pro. Reviews from multiple online websites reveal it to be the most effective of all the systems, hands down!

All Clarisonic products come with a warranty of either one or two years. Which system is right for you depends on features are important to you because each of the Clarisonic models listed above will get your skin looking and feeling smooth, shinier, and healthy within a matter of days.

Well, that’s all for my Clarisonic reviews. I know that your goal is to look and feel good. It is easy to look good when your skin looks healthy. Stop wasting money on those inferior face cleansers that haven’t worked for you in years, and make you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.

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